Decades of

constant changes

All about Sausages

Being an ice-cream man hadn’t made Karl Maier really happy, so he opened up a little Snack-Stand under the name of „Maiers Karle“. There he sold „Bratwuerste“ and Drinks which helped him to make the business grow. So he had been able to expand.

Too Many Maiers

The name "Göckelesmaier“ was invented during a meeting with business friends, which had been attended by more than only one "Maier“. To distinguish the "Maiers“ from one another, someone called Karl Maier the "Goeckeles-Maier“ .That was not only the beginning of the "Goeckelesmaier“ success story, but from this moment on everyone knew who was meant when referred to the „Goeckelesmaier“. Karl Maier and his company. What a great name and logically from that moment on the name of the company.

"Chicken-Wings" to Success

Business is growing fast and new opportunties are arising every day. Besides running his own "Festzelt“ Karl Maier has become the main contactor for the „Volksfeste“ in Tübingen, Ulm and Heilbronn. The highlight of the season undoubtedly is the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart. There he’s already become the host in Stuttgart’s "Hofbräu Brewery“ tent.

The End of an Era

When Karl Maier passed away at the age of 73, Josefine Maier had been facing hard times. 14 events per season were left to manage. But her desire to keep the comapny and Karl’s legacy alive, gave her the strength to move on.



With all her Heart and Girl Power

Despite all the difficulties, Josefine Maier had been managing the company extremly successfully. For this outstanding accomplishments she was subsequently awarded the „Medal of Honor“ from the City of Stuttgart. In 1998 she handed over the day-to-day management of the company to her son Karl Maier, before she retired from the business in 2013 and by that time entirely withdraw from the corporate life.

New Challenges

Together with his wife Daniela, Karl Maier is now managing the still family owned business. They’ve been reinventing "Göckelesmeier“ over and over again. With modern and contemporary tentdesign, innovative and cutting-edge designed lounges, high quality food, awesome bands and performers they’ve been creating the perfect environment for "Stylish High Class Parties and Celebrations“.