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Cannstatt Beer Festival

Karls Loge

The hosts cozy-modern lounge offers its own cocktail bar, DJ, separate restrooms and wardrobe for all lounge guests. 200 comfortable seats. Tables are available for 8, 16, 24 ... persons.

YouDinner Loge

This Lounge will be our new YouDinner-Lounge in 2017. Our interior architect is working on it and we will inform you as soon as possible.

We thank Breuninger for the successful years with the Sansibar-Lounge in our tent and wish them good luck for the Opening of the new Dorotheen Quartier in Stuttgart.

0711 Loge

Stuttgart at its best!
Light-flooded, modern yet cozy, with own restrooms. Round about 280 seats – perfect for large groups and/or corporate events.

Loge an
der Pilsbar

144 comfortable seats at the front end, directly at the Pilsbar. Here you are sitting, drinking and partying right at the source, enjoying a stunning overview of the tent center. Tables for 8 persons and two big „Knight – Tables“ are available for reservations.

Die Brücke

Dancing, singing, swaying, swinging. Enjoy the Feast from right underneath the tent’s roof, also called tent-heaven. From its first floor location, „Die Brücke“ offers the best view of the location! There we offer 80 seats at booths for 10 peoples each – a little away from the heat of the party center, but still in the midst of the action and atmosphere!